The Historic Moment of the 2016 Election

This article was originally published on Dissident Voice.

The 2016 presidential election presents the American working class with a historic moment.  No, I am not talking about the possibility of the first rich, neoliberal woman president.  Nor am I talking about the social democrat masquerading as a socialist.  Nor am I talking about the arrogant, racist, borderline fascist Donald Trump.

The historical moment is not in the outcome of the election itself. After all, the State is subservient to capitalist elites.  So long as economic power is concentrated in the hands of a privileged few, the State will always act to safeguard the private property and power of the capitalist ruling class.  Rather, the moment presents itself in the delegitimization of the political system, especially the growing hatred of the two corporate parties. Continue reading


Do Muslim Lives Matter?

Before the UK parliament voted for aerial bombardment campaign in Syria, Prime Minister David Cameron called the head of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn a “terrorist sympathiser” for his opposition to the war.  Americans who opposed the war in Iraq (and the few who took a principled stance against US imperialism in Afghanistan) are familiar with such accusations:  the corporate-imperialist party line is “war is the answer.”  Questioning the party line means you’re the enemy.  “You’re either with us or against us.”

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5 Things Every Socialist Must Believe

There is some talk in the media about whether Americans can accept a socialist president.  Many young people are beginning to view socialism favorably.  Bernie Sanders self-identifies as a democratic socialist (though truthfully, he is not.  He’s a mere social democrat).  You hear a lot of talk about how “Medicare is socialist”, “public roads are socialist”, and even “military spending is socialist.”  Americans are mislead by politicians and the corporate press into believing that socialism is merely Keynesian style government expenditure.  This would come as a great shock to not just John Maynard Keynes and his followers, but to actual socialists today.  The ‘socialism’ of Bernie Sanders has very little to do with socialism as it’s understood today and historically.

Here are 5 things that every socialist must believe. Continue reading